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Winter Protection for Truck Beds, Decks, Walkways, and Stairways

Across the country, people are being hit with harsh winter weather. From slippery stairs to rust-prone truck beds, wet weather poses many challenges, and as a Vortex Spray On Liner dealer, you can provide solutions.

Battling Rust and Corrosion

With Vortex, dealers are able to provide a permanent solution for rust and corrosion in truck beds and on metal equipment. As ice and snow hits your area, roads become covered with salt and sand that can wreak havoc on personal and commercial vehicles. As a Vortex dealer, you can increase sales and build revenue streams by signing contracts to treat fleets of commercial vehicles with Vortex Spray On Liners.

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Superior Protection for Wooden Decks

All homeowners know that exposure to the elements can devastate wood decks and patios. Vortex Spray On Liner creates a waterproof seal that protects the underlying wood from mold, dry rot, insect infestations, and other factors that lead to deterioration.

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Preservation of Concrete, Brick, and Stone

As water freezes and thaws, small cracks in concrete, brick, and stone walkways can turn into major problems. By treating walkways with a Vortex waterproofing treatment, homeowners and business owners can protect their investments while providing a clean, professional look to the landscape.

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Slip Resistant Stairways

Regardless of whether your clients are homeowners or business owners, the fear of having someone slip and fall should be in the forefront of our minds during the winter season. Vortex encourages all of its dealers to contact clients to see whether a slip-resistant treatment on their stairways and walkways would help reduce their wintertime liability concerns.

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The Dealer Benefits of the Vortex™ Liner System

While Vortex Sprayliners has revolutionized the industry for spray liners, it has also provided dealers with the ability to continually expand their service offerings and grow their businesses. The Vortex Spray On Liner System is a portable, EPA-approved system that doesn’t require the 2,000+ square foot spray booth to create high-impact, durable, and insulated surfaces. Because of its EPA exception, Vortex dealers can take their business on the road, providing the highest quality wintertime weather solutions in places other systems simply can’t go.

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