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Vortex Spray On Liners For Commercial Vehicles

Vortex™ Spray On Liners are well-known for their high quality truck bed solutions, but the applications of the system don’t stop there.  From applications for the weekend warrior to commercial clients, the Vortex™ Spray On Liner system does so much more than just truck beds.

At Vortex, we are dedicated to helping our dealers grow their businesses.  In that light, here are some ideas for how to expand your Vortex™ Spray On Liners services without purchasing any new equipment or learning new techniques.

City and County Vehicles

Each city and county across the United States will have at least a small fleet of work trucks that take a regular beating.  From highway department vehicles to pick-ups for the grounds crew, contacting your local city and county to discuss ways to protect their vehicles may open up your business to an influx of work.

County Truck Bins   Dept of Roads Truck_Identifying Marker removed   Dept of Roads Rear End_identifying marker removed

Dump Trucks, Sanitation Vehicles, Construction Vehicles, and Utility Trucks

Whether privately owned or part of a fleet, there are a vast amount of vehicles that could benefit from the protective layer of Vortex.  From construction vehicles that take a pounding from heavy supplies to dump trucks and sanitation vehicles that carry loads of gravel, dirt, or garbage, the Vortex™ Spray On Liner battles against rust, while creating an impact resistant coating.

Dump Truck Side   Pink Truck Bumper

Service Box truck_Top of Utility Boxes   Service Box truck

Delivery Trucks and Vans

Regardless of whether a delivery slides into the back of a van or is lifted by a lift gate, business owners count on their delivery vehicle to be able to handle all circumstances.  By treating the vehicle with a Vortex hard coating, delivery trucks will have a longer life span and reduced wear-and-tear.

Purple Liftgate_identifying marker removed   Inside Van

Big Rigs

Life on the road can cause serious damage to big rigs.  For many drivers, their truck is their biggest investment and must be protected.  Vortex™ battles rust and dents unlike any other, and it protects exterior metal against the damaging effects of road salt for those drivers who work in areas that experience ice and snow. Additionally, a layer of Vortex on the front of a truck can protect it from any debris that may get kicked up on the road.

When working with your big rig clients, why stop at protecting the outside.  Just like delivery trucks, the inside of a big rig trailer needs protection, too.

Big Rig 1   Back of Big Rig   Big Rig Floor

Tow Trucks and Flatbeds

Weather conditions and roadside challenges can’t deter a tow truck or flat bed from being on the road.  To protect these vehicles from the harsh elements and from the damage that inevitably accompanies towing and hauling, Vortex has the solution.

V8 Flatbed After 1

Police and Security Vehicles

Police and security vehicles rush in when others are rushing out.  They regularly drive at high speeds, where road debris becomes more dangerous to the vehicle.  Additionally, rescue vehicles need to be prepared to handle natural disasters, riots, and other dangerous situations.  Vortex makes the outside of the vehicle just as strong as the men and women inside of it.

Police Vehicle Completely Vortexed   Police Vehicle   Hummer after light on

The Dealer Benefits of the Vortex™ Liner System

Vortex Sprayliners has revolutionized the industry for spray liners by offering dealers a portable, EPA-approved system that doesn’t require the 2,000+ square foot spray booth to create high-impact, durable, and insulated surfaces.  Because of its EPA exception, Vortex dealers can take their business on the road, providing the highest quality spray on liners in places other systems simply can’t go.  Therefore, you can head straight to your client’s business to Vortex their fleet of commercial vehicles.

Call our specialists today at (866) 4-VORTEX to talk about what Vortex Sprayliners can do for your business or visit Vortex online at