Treating Water Tanks and Towers

Treating Water Tanks and Towers

We see them everywhere – on the side of the highway, alongside industrial equipment, and on farms.  Whether for drinking, cooling, or irrigating, water is often stored wherever it is needed.

Maintaining water storage tanks and towers is different than other large metal structures because you are battling corrosion from the inside and out.  Not only does the steel need to be treated on the exterior of the structure to protect it from the elements, it also needs to be treated on the inside to protect the metal from constant exposure to water.

Hydrocor™ 3650 Metal Protect Coating for Water Tanks

Hydrocor™ 3650 - A Simpler Way to Protect Metal_Ahmed TankGone are the days of the expensive and time consuming process of sandblasting and applying the three-coat treatment to protect steel structures.  With Hydrocor™ 3650, a dual-coat system that seals off rust and preserves metal surfaces, Vortex dealers create a structure with a new clean look and protection against rusting, corrosion, and oxidation in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost.

The two-step process for treating a metal structure with Hydrocor is simple: power wash the surface, and then apply two coats of Hydrocor™ 3650 self-priming, anti-carthodic coating.

Vortex Coatings for Water Tank Interiors

The true challenge for treating water tanks and towers comes with protecting the inside of the structure.  Depending on how the water is being used, special considerations must be made.

Vortex Potable Water VPW-100 Coating – When Treating Water Tanks and Towerscoating the inside of a municipal tank, the coating must have a potable water certification to ensure it doesn’t contaminate the drinking water.  Designed specifically to provide safe protection for the inside of steel or concrete potable water tanks, VPW-100 treats tanks that hold 6,000+ gallons of drinking water, and it is sure to meet the regulations for such applications.

Vortex Constant Immersion XWR-50 Coating – When coating water tanks that do not contain drinking water, such as cooling towers or irrigation tanks, the Vortex Constant Immersion XWR-50 protects with Extreme Water Resistance.  At an economical cost, XWR-50 is the ideal coating for any tank that holds standing water.

The Vortex Difference

For years, the team at Vortex has worked to reduce the effort required for treating large metal structures and increase the safety for coatings used in the interior of water tanks.  We ended up with dealer-friendly products that provide easy treatment with reliable results.  By incorporating Hydrocor™ 3650 and the Vortex water resistant coatings into your product offerings, you continue to broaden the scope of possibility outside the confines of your shop.

Our truly portable systems allow you to provide services to your customers exactly where they need it, while remaining safe, cost effective, and EPA approved.  Call our specialists today at (866) 4-VORTEX to talk about what Vortex Sprayliners can do for your business or visit Vortex online at