Safety First - Creating Slip Resistant Floors and Surfaces _sure grip

Safety First: Creating Slip Resistant Floors and Surfaces

Winter is on the horizon, and before we know it, much of the country will be dealing with rain, ice, and snow.  With inclement weather comes an increased risk of falls, which is a major liability.

Whether it’s residential or commercial, some surfaces need extra grip.  By adding texture to areas such as entryways, patio decks, staircases, and wheelchair ramps, safety is increased and risks reduced.  Vortex has developed a range of anti-slip flooring options, so our dealers can address the exact needs of their customers.

Granitex™ Slip Resistant Granules

Safety First - Creating Slip Resistant Floors and Surfaces _Wheel Chair RampWith the Vortex Granitex™ HD-8001 Baked On Floor System, customers get a faux granite floor that looks like a million bucks.  By adding Granitex™ Slip Resistant Granules, floors get a base level of grip that is ideal for both indoor and outdoor surfaces.

The granules are fired through ceramic beads that come in a variety of colors to match most of the Granitex™ Polyphatic glaze colors.  When sprayed across the wet Pholyphatic glaze, they solidly bond to the surface, creating an easy-to-clean surface with the extra grip you want for a sure step.

Sure Grip™ Slip Preventative System

Safety First - Creating Slip Resistant Floors and Surfaces _Dock 2When Granitex™ Granules are not enough, Vortex offers the aggressive, anti-slip Sure Grip™ product line.  Sure Grip™ provides substantial traction for a wide-range of places, including:

  • Wheelchair ramps
  • Parking garage ramps
  • Drop down trailers
  • Catwalks
  • Docks
  • Scaffolding

Sure Grip™ is self-priming for wood and steel.  Easy to apply and quick setting, Sure Grip™ is ready for light traffic in 24 hours and heavy duty traffic in 48 hours.

Ultra Grip™ Slip Preventative System

Safety First - Creating Slip Resistant Floors and Surfaces _Oil DerrickWhen Sure Grip™ isn’t enough, Vortex offers the ultimate traction system with the Ultra Grip™ product line.  Ultra Grip™ provides extreme traction for areas that are naturally damp and slippery, including:

  • Oil derricks
  • Cat walks
  • Scaffolding

Ultra Grip™ is self-priming for wood, steel, and aluminum.  Applied with a special phenolic roller, it creates an aggressive tread pattern designed for safety, regardless of whether it’s high traffic or forklift traffic.

Experience The Difference With Vortex

Vortex strives to continually develop solutions that address the needs of both dealers and their customers.  Offering anti-slip solutions with Granitex, Sure Grip, and Ultra Grip is just another way Vortex dealers are able to expand their offerings outside the confines of their shop.

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