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Resolve to Expand Your Business in the New Year

The time of year has arrived to consider all of the changes you’d like to make in the new year.  While many look towards self-improvement, we challenge our dealers to also consider some professional New Year’s resolutions by looking for ways to expand the services they offer their customers.

Throughout our company’s history, we have been dedicated to helping our network of dealers grow their businesses.  By revolutionizing the industry for spray liners through the creation of a truly portable, EPA-approved system that doesn’t require a large spray booth, Vortex Sprayliners™ has given our dealers the opportunity to create high-impact, durable, and insulated surfaces wherever and whenever their customers need it.

Vortex: More than Just Truck Beds

Vortex Spray On Liner- More Than Just Truck Beds _Motorcycle TrailerDealers across the country have already discovered the value of the Vortex Spray On Liner system for creating the best truck bed liners in the industry.  Many have also realized that the Vortex Spray On Liner system does so much more than just truck beds. From toy haulers to farm equipment to boats, Vortex can provide a hard layer of protection to all types of vehicles.

However, we invite our Vortex dealers to think beyond the vehicle applications and open their minds to the world of opportunity that Vortex provides.

Vortex Rooftops Solutions

Vortex Spray On LinersThe Exclusive Eco-MetricTM Industrial EMG-500 Roof System is a dual-coat sealing system that creates a waterproof seal and extends the life of an existing roof.  This system is gas powered and incredibly portable, opening up a world of opportunity for your business to offer customers a high-quality option to roof replacement.  View the Eco-Meric™ Industrial EMG-500 Roof System in our online catalog.

Vortex Flooring Solutions

From high-impact protection in industrial settings to adding dramatic results to showroom floors, Vortex offers a wide range of flooring solutions.

Wine Floor 1Vortex for Stunning V-Poxy Floors – The Vortex V-Poxy™ Color Fusion System transforms basic concrete surfaces into stunning floors by easily adding a one of a kind marble effect and durable luster.  Whether in restaurants, retail stores, or private mansions, beautiful floors add style and sophistication to any room while maintaining reasonable cost and reliable functionality. View the V-Poxy™ Color Fusion System in our online catalog.

Auto Repair CenterVortex for Faux Granite Finishes – Whether your customers are looking for a fresh finish for their showrooms, practical garage flooring, or slip-resistant treatments, the Granitex™ HD-8001 Baked On Floor System provides durable, high-quality solutions for a wide range of challenges.  But also keep in mind that the Granitex™ system can do so much more than refinish floors; the Granitex™ system allows Vortex dealers to offer beautiful and functional bar tops, counter tops, and so much more!  View the Granitex™ Baked On Floor System in our online catalog.

Vortex for Slip Resistance – With three options of slip resistant granules, Vortex provides an array of solutions for creating slip resistant floors and surfaces.  From the Granitex Slip Resistant Granules to the Sure Grip and Ultra Grip Preventative Systems, Vortex provides dealers with the ability to provide this essential service for commercial and residential customers.

Offer Superior Equestrian Stable Mats with the Flowmat™Vortex for Cushioned Flooring – With the Flowmat™ Liquid Rubber Mat System, Vortex dealers can offer a new type of solution to a wide range of industries.  The Flowmat System provides a seamless, permanent mat that bonds to the structural surface for a superior option to its traditional rubber mat counterpart.  The commercial grade product is perfect for heavy duty uses, including highly used fatigue mats in front of work benches, on production lines, near wash racks, and in breezeways. View the Flowmat™ Liquid Rubber Mat System in our online catalog.

Vortex for Industrial Applications

From protecting steel to treating water towers, the commercial applications for Vortex are endless.

10.01.15_Hydrocor™ 3650 - A Simpler Way to Protect Metal_Crane HydrocorVortex for Protecting Steel – In an effort to reduce the work involved with treating metal structures, Vortex developed Hydrocor 3650 Metal Protect Coating, a dual-coat system that seals off rust and protects metal surfaces.  Now dealers can create a protected structure with a new, clean look in a fraction of the time.  View Hydrocor 3650 in our online catalog.

Treating Water Tanks and TowersVortex for Water Tanks and Towers – Maintaining water storage tanks and towers is different than other large metal structures because you are battling corrosion from the inside and out.  In addition to Hydrocor 3650 Metal Protect Coating, Vortex offers coatings for water tank interiors.  Depending on whether the water is used for drinking or not, dealers can use either the Vortex Potable Water VPW-100 Coating or the Vortex Constant Immersion XWR501 Coating to treat the inside of the water tank.

The Vortex Difference

From our inception, Vortex Sprayliners™ has been dedicated to offing innovative, reliable, and superior quality systems and products to our Vortex™ dealers.  We have watched their businesses begin with one versatile machine and grow into large shops with a wide-range of service offerings.

Call our specialists today at (866) 4-VORTEX to talk about what Vortex Sprayliners™ can do for your business or visit Vortex™ online at