Vortex Spray Liner Portable System KV5006

Providing You With Options: Understanding The Products For Your Vortex Sprayliner Portable System

The Vortex Sprayliners Portable Spray System KV5006 gives dealers a wide range of opportunities to expand their services by offering a self-contained technology that eliminates the need for heat rooms, large compression, or high-power requirements.  Our truly portable, EPA-approved system allows dealers to address new needs for their customers beyond truck bed liners.

In addition to our innovative systems, much of the versatility of the Vortex Portable Spray System comes with the products we have developed for the system.  Driven by a desire to find solutions for the challenges facing our dealers, we want every dealer to understand how the product line for the Vortex Portable Spray System can expand the services and capabilities of each shop.

Vortex Sprayliners Resin Base

This hybrid combination of both Polyurea and polyurethane provides both flexibility and tough impact resistance.  As the base of each Vortex treatment, Vortex has worked to make this material as convenient as possible with more than 200 custom colors offered at the same cost as the black standard option.  Even better, unused colors can easily be converted back to black, so you never have wasted product.

Vortex Sprayliners Activator

We developed the standard Vortex Activator to help our dealers keep costs down and shelf life up.  Our activator can be used for all the colors available in our line of resin bases without needing a wide inventory of activators to match.  Additionally, they are easy to transport without requiring heated cargo trucks during the winter months.

Low Pressure Pure Polyurea

For the first time, pure Polyurea is able to be sprayed by a low pressure liner system with a mixing element.  The Vortex Sprayliner Portable Spray System gives you all the benefits of high pressure Polyurea without the excessive overspray typically associated with high pressure applications.  This allows our dealers to get into tight areas such as manholes or storage lockers, which were once out of reach.  As a non-reactive product when exposed to moisture, the Vortex Low Pressure Polyurea material is a great option for humid and damp areas, such as containment wells, car wash tunnels, and gas station sumps.

Vortex Flex™

Vortex Flex™ offers dealers a slightly softer and more flexible version of the standard Vortex Resin Base.  With a myriad of potential uses, Vortex Flex™ has a higher ability to flex, vibrate, and absorb shock.  For these reasons, it is the only approved material in the State of California to seal “rubber boots” in gas station manholes, due to California’s propensity for earthquakes.


Even though our products are designed to withstand the elements, all liner materials are at risk of fading eventually.  To address this concern, Vortex developed Restorz™, a simple UV top coat that locks in the color and shine of the Vortex material.  Easy to apply with a sponge, the environmentally green product uses waterborne technology and dries in minutes.   Additionally, it can help to bring an old liner back to life, expanding the value of each Vortex Sprayliner end product.

The Dealer Benefits of the Vortex™ Liner System

Vortex Sprayliners has revolutionized the industry.  By offering a wide range of product options, we allow our dealers to offer a greater range of services.

To uphold our standing with the EPA that allows our system to be truly portable, we maintain the highest standards of environmentally friendly materials.  None of the Vortex Sprayliner materials contain VOCs or HAPS, and they are non-combustible and non-flammable.  This means, Vortex dealers can take their business on the road, providing the highest quality spray on liners in places other systems simply can’t go.

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