Offer Superior Equestrian Stable Mats with the Flowmat™

Offer Superior Equestrian Stable Mats with the Flowmat™

Just as the humans do, horses experience significant fatigue when standing on hard surfaces for extended periods of time.  While equestrian rubber stable mats are common, this option has major challenges with durability and hygiene.  Often, the traditional mats leave stables with that token barn smell.

To provide owners, stable managers, and veterinarians with a better option, Vortex Sprayliners developed the Flowmat™ Liquid Rubber Mat System.  Flowmat™ provides all of the benefits of the traditional equestrian stable mat with additional unique advantages.

The Benefits of the Flowmat™ Equestrian Stable Mat System

The goal of the Flowmat™ Equestrian Stable Mat System is to provide horses with a warmer, softer, and generally more comfortable floor to stand on, while offering humans a surface that resists wear and tear, can absorb an enormous amount of impact, and is incredibly easy to clean.

The Flowmat™ Equestrian Stable Mat System provides a seamless, permanent stable mat that bonds to the structural surface for a superior option to its traditional rubber mat counterpart. This bond paired with Flowmat’s commercial grade durability makes it perfect for all of the surfaces throughout any equestrian facility, including:

  • Box stalls
  • Barn corridors
  • Indoor and outdoor wash stalls
  • Open and walking stalls
  • Paddocks or exercise areas
  • Parade rings
  • Walkways
  • Interior of horse trailers

Unlike rubber barn mats that require special care when cleaning, Flowmat™ is bonded to the substrate and sealed from wall-to-wall, making it more hygienic and easier to clean.  Some horse owners say it cuts mucking out time nearly in half.

Flowmat™ floors are customized for the unique needs of the facility, fitting to any uneven surfaces and providing slip resistance in all the important places.  For equestrian facilities that are looking for a better option, the Flowmat™ Equestrian Stable Mat System cushions horses’ joints, increases safety, and provides improved comfort for both the animal and its owner.

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Expanding Your Business With Vortex

Vortex Sprayliners has revolutionized the spray liner industry by expanding services beyond pick-up truck liners and broadening the scope of possibility outside of the confines of a shop.  Our truly portable systems allow you to provide services to your customers exactly where they need it, while remaining safe, cost effective, and EPA approved.  To learn more about the Flowmat System, view our Flowmat™ products in our online catalog.

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