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Low Pressure Pure Polyurea: Revolutionizing the Industry

Vortex™ Pure Polyurea is a permanent spray on coating that protects surfaces from impact, moisture, cracking, rust, and a myriad of other common problems. Widely used for commercial purposes and in industrial settings, polyurea protective coatings have taken the place of traditional materials, including paint, epoxy, fiberglass, and vinyl esters.

Vortex dealers turn to our Pure Polyurea products for superior abrasion resistance, corrosion protection, waterproofing, chemical and environment resistance, structural enhancement, and visual appeal. Simply put, Vortex Pure Polyurea opens up a world of opportunity for dealers to treat a variety of surfaces in a wide range of settings.

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The New Low-Pressure Polyurea Coating Option

Traditionally, a polyurea protective coating is applied using a high-pressure spray system, removing the excessive overspray typically associated with high-pressure applications. Vortex has revolutionized the application of polyurea protective coatings by designing a low-pressure liner system with a mixing element to perfectly apply Vortex Pure Polyurea. Now, Vortex dealers can experience all the benefits of a high-pressure application without the waste and mess.

Using the Vortex Spray On Liner system to apply a low-pressure polyurea coating is a great way to get into tight areas such as manholes and storage lockers. Because it is non-reactive to moisture, Vortex Pure Polyurea is a great choice for humid and damp surfaces, such as containment wells, car wash tunnels, and gas station sumps. A coat of Vortex Pure Polyurea will waterproof the cinderblock, protect it from deterioration from potential chemical reactions, and keep the adjacent areas nice and dry.

Vortex Pure Polyurea features:

  • Flexible in all weather conditions without softening in heat or becoming brittle in cold.
  • Stretches without breaking.
  • Waterproof barrier to resist corrosion and molding.
  • Quick dry to allow for easy application.
  • Protects high wear areas.
  • Dent and scratch resistant.
  • No chipping and peeling.
  • Chemical resistant.
  • Reduces noise and vibration.

Vortex Pure Polyurea is a fast-drying option for customers who need a quick turnaround on their space. Gone are the days of requiring customers to put a hold on business while their commercial space receives a slow drying treatment.

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The Dealer Benefits of the Vortex™ Liner System

Vortex Sprayliners has revolutionized the industry for spray liners by offering dealers a portable, EPA-approved system that doesn’t require the 2,000+ square foot spray booth to create high-impact, durable, and insulated surfaces. Because of its EPA exception, Vortex dealers can take their business on the road, providing the highest quality spray on liners in places other systems simply can’t go.

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