Hydrocor™ 3650 - A Simpler Way to Protect Metal_Ahmed Tank

Hydrocor™ 3650: A Simpler Way To Protect Steel

There are endless applications for the industrial use of steel.  Because of its high tensile strengths and relatively moderate costs, we see steel structures and machinery almost every where we look.  For structures that get exposed to the elements, it is essential for industries to protect their investments from the potentially devastating corrosion and oxidation that naturally occurs.

Past Treatment Process

For years, treating corrosion was extremely time consuming and expensive.  It began with sandblasting the entire structure.  Then, three coats had to be applied: a toxic zinc chromate primer, an intermediary epoxy coating, and finally, a UV inhibiting urethane top coat.  It took significant time and money to complete, leaving industrial owners dreading the process and independent business owners hesitant to expand their services to offer metal treatment.

Hydrocor™ 3650 Metal Protect Coating

10.01.15_Hydrocor™ 3650 - A Simpler Way to Protect Metal_Crane HydrocorAs Vortex continued to expand its product lines, we searched for a way to reduce the effort involved in treating metal structures, while providing a reliable solution to corrosion and oxidation.  We developed Hydrocor, a dual-coat system that seals off rust and protects metal surfaces.

The process for treating a metal structure with Hydrocor is simple:

  1. Power wash the surface. There is no need for sandblasting.
  2. Apply two coats of Hydrocor™ 3650 self-priming, anti-carthodic coating.

In a fraction of the time, you create a protected structure with a new clean look that is backed by a company 10-year warranty against rusting, corrosion, or oxidation.  Especially essential for areas with significant weather shifts, Hydrocor is also extremely flexible, offering up to 200% elongation to accommodate seasonal expansion and contraction.

Experience The Difference With Vortex

From Hydrocor’s inception, the team at Vortex aimed at reducing the effort required for treating large metal structures.  We ended up with a dealer-friendly product that provided easy treatment with reliable results.  By incorporating Hydrocor™ 3650 into your product offerings, you continue to broaden the scope of possibility outside the confines of your shop.

Our truly portable systems allow you to provide services to your customers exactly where they need it, while remaining safe, cost effective, and EPA approved.  To learn more about the system, view the Hydrocor™ product in our online catalog.

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