Vortex Sprayliners Team

Giving Thanks for Our Vortex Dealers

As the Thanksgiving holiday arrives, the team at Vortex Sprayliners™ wishes to send our heartfelt thanks to our dedicated network of Vortex™ dealers.  We understand that our business could never have experienced such a superior level of success without the Vortex dealers who continue to bring our products to the consumer with professionalism and a commitment to excellence.

From sole proprietorships to large-scale operations, Vortex dealers are the face of our company for the end-user.  Therefore, we continue to search for ways to offer systems and products that are more reliable, more versatile, and more cost-effective than our competitors, so our dealers can continue to grow their businesses and earn more profits.

With our dedication to keeping our systems EPA-approved and truly portable, we have made a promise to our dealers that their Vortex™ system can travel to wherever there is work to be done, opening the door to hundreds of possible applications.

High Quality.  Low Cost.

We have also made a commitment to offering the highest quality systems and products at as low of a cost as possible.  We believe in offing the highest return on investment as possible to our dealers.  The cost of a complete Vortex™ System and Application Wand is thousands of dollars under the competition.  However, the Vortex™ difference doesn’t end there.  With the design of both our systems and our products, dealers are able to cut from 30% to 50% off of their material costs, compared to other high pressure systems.  With just one set of Vortex™ Activator and Resin, dealers can Vortex™ an average of 36 truck beds, far more than the average 20-24 trucks with other systems.

The Vortex ROI.

With the cost of a complete Vortex™ System being incredibly low, the return on investment can be very quick.  With an average price for a basic truck bed treatment varying between $350 – $650 and potential additional charges for custom colors and over the rail applications, a Vortex™ dealer can average anywhere from $450 – $750 per truck.  With as little as two to three trucks a day, your Vortex™ System could pay for itself in just 15-30 days.

The Vortex Difference.

From our inception, Vortex Sprayliners™ has been dedicated to offing innovative, reliable, and superior quality systems and products to our Vortex™ dealers.  We have watched their businesses begin with one versatile machine and grow into large shops with a wide-range of service offerings.

Call our specialists today at (866) 4-VORTEX to talk about what Vortex Sprayliners™ can do for your business or visit Vortex™ online at www.vortexsprayliners.com.