Eco-Meric Roof System EMG-500 Turbo

Expand Into Roofing Solutions With Vortex Eco-MericTM Roof Systems

While autumn may not be officially here yet, the passing of the Labor Day holiday signifies the change in seasons for most people. Fall is the time when both residential and industrial consumers begin looking at the steps they can take to prepare their homes or business properties for winter. With the impending rain, snow, and ice, many are looking towards their weathered rooftops.

What Is The Eco-MericTM Industrial EMG-500 Roof System?

09.10.15_Expand Into Roofing Solutions With Vortex Eco Meric Roofing Systems_New Eco on Burbank Roof (2)As consumers look at the leftover roof damage from last year’s harsh winter or simply the normal wear and tear that comes with years of exposure to the elements, they need options that provide long-term solutions at a reasonable cost.

The Exclusive Eco-MetricTM Industrial EMG-500 Roof System is a dual-coat sealing system that creates a waterproof seal and extends the life of an existing roof. This system is gas powered and incredibly portable, opening up a world of opportunity for your business to offer customers a high-quality option to roof replacement.

What Are The Benefits Of Roof Repairs With The Eco-MericTM Roofing System?

The Eco-MericTM system was designed to be an incredibly reliable system for the Vortex dealer and offer the highest possible finished product for the consumer. The Eco-MericTM Roofing System restores all types of roofs, including metal, cap sheet, concrete, rubber, EPDM, torch down, and tar.

The Eco-Blue Water Sealing Base Coat assists in sealing the roof to make it waterproof, while retaining the ability to expand and contract with the roof throughout the changing seasons. The SolarmericTM Top Coat offers an additional waterproofing membrane, as well as a UV protective top coat. Consumers then enjoy drastically reduced cooling costs because up to 85% of the sun’s hot rays are reflected, giving it an Energy Star® rating.

Additionally, with the combination of the Eco-Meric M.I.B.TM (aka Miracle In a Bucket) and Eco-ClothTM, your business can now begin offering repair services for damaged seams, gaps, holes, or cracks in the mastic around vent pipes or air conditioning ducts.

Being Energy Star® rated and eco-friendly, this system offers Vortex dealers with an easy way to market their finished product.

Professional Guidance For Expanding Your Services

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