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Create Stunning Floors With V-Poxy Color Fusion Systems

Whether in restaurants, retail stores, or private mansions, beautiful floors add style and sophistication to any room.  However, cost and functionality have long been a barrier for many commercial and private real estate owners.

Create Stunning Floors With V-Poxy_Vpoxy-Color-Pack-1024x725The Vortex V-Poxy™ Color Fusion System transforms basic concrete surfaces into stunning floors by easily adding a one of a kind marble effect and durable luster.  Achieving dramatic and high-end results have never been easier.

The V-Poxy™ system has revolutionized the epoxy flooring market by eliminating the problems associated with standard epoxy floor systems. V-Poxy’s easy flow, easy application formula makes blemishes such as separation, fish-eye effects, blushing, and surface rejection a thing of the past.

10.29.15_Create Stunning Floors With V-Poxy_VPrime-Kit-1024x735The process begins with V-Prime™, the intense concrete primer that helps to lock out hydrostatic vapor and water from pushing off the coating from below, a common problem with other flooring systems.  V-Prime™ wicks down into the concrete and crosslinks to the V-Poxy™ layer, creating an amazing bond to the substrate.  With the V-Poxy™ pigment layer, different combinations of the clear base and color packets are used to create the unique look the customer is looking to achieve.

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Experience The Difference With Vortex

The Vortex V-Poxy™ Color Fusion System is one of our simplest ways to expand your service offerings because it doesn’t require any special equipment, only easy-to-use hand tools.  At Vortex, we continually strive to develop solutions that address the needs of both dealers and their customers.  By offering epoxy flooring solutions with the V-Poxy™ system, Vortex dealers continue to expand their business and can address the needs of a wider base of customers.

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