Vortex is the only Patented* portable system that can create a high impact, durable and insulated surface

VORTEX Sprayliners leads the industry in developing the very best spray liner material and system for your money. If you already have a shop but don’t have an additional 2,000+ square feet required to offer Spray On Truckbed Liners to your customers, then the VORTEX System is for you. Or perhaps you have some farm equipment that needs to be VORTEXed from the elements but can’t take it to a shop to have id done, then you need a VORTEX Dealer to come to you. Either way, VORTEX is the answer to your needs and desires to own or offer the best system at the lowest price around.

Nothing Protects like VORTEX® Sprayed On Liner

When it comes to applying a permanent liner either to the deck of your truck or to the deck of a customers house, nothing protects it from the elements like VORTEX® Sprayed On Liner can. Imagine being able to spray from an 1/8″ to 18″ of a thick, permanent, industrial coating that dries in SECONDS! Well imagine no longer, the VORTEX Spray On Liner System does it all.
Vortex can also provide a variety of surfaces such as the Polyphatic Glaze applied with the patented Granitex HD-8000 Flooring system to give a whole new dimension to your worn surfaces. As shown by the “Flag Truck” created by Rick Brown of Designer Lners in Oklahoma, only Vortex can do more than just a black truck bed liner and be so innovative and portable!

The Vortex™ Liner is a blend of Polyurethane and Polyurea materials in a one to one mix. It is a two component, solvent free, and 100% solids product backed with over 50 years of coating technology. his ratio delivers a very hard liner to protect the surface, butis flexible enough so that it will not chip or flake on impact.


Here are just a few of the advantages of a Vortex™ liner….

  • Bonds to the truck bed for an airtight seal that prevents rust and corrosion from oxidation of the metal surface. Since it bonds directly to the EXACT contours of the truck, no moisture can be trapped between the Vortex™ bed liner and the truck bed as with a drop in liner.
  • The Vortex™ bed liner will actually strengthen your truck bed and reduce road noise by stopping vibration. Vortex™ absorbs impact from heavy loads such as bricks, tools and other supplies as well as virtually eliminating the possibility of denting the inside of your truck bed.
  • A wide range of assorted colors is available as well as custom colors.
  • Adheres directly to the truck so it can’t be stolen, lifted out or removed. Your truck protection is always there.
  • Unlike a drop in liner, the Vortex™ Spray On Liner won’t crack, split, tear, rot, corrode, or warp. Most importantly, it wont scratch the paint off of the bed by vibrating, exposing bare metal.
  • Can be applied directly and exactly where you want it. Around 5th wheel plates, light bars and any accesories you don’t want Vortexed™.
  • No excess space is taken up as with drop in liners. You can maximize the full truck bed for usage.
  • No fastening or screws to worry about. It bonds permanently to your truck walls, bed and tailgate.
  • Ultra-Violet system helps prevent damage from the sun’s UV rays radiation.
  • Increases the value of your truck.

How is the Vortex™ Liner Applied?

Vortex Sprayliners, Inc. is proud to have the ONLY truly portable Vortex™ spray system in the world. Protected with an exclusive patent, this system is completely self-contained. You simply plug it in, and get ready to Vortex™ any surface.

The exclusive Vortex™ Liner material literally dries in seconds. Imagine applying a spray on liner material from an 1/8″ to 18″ thick and have it set up in seconds. Not minutes or hours. The process is simple and the Vortex™ spray system was developed with ease of operation as well.

1. Clean and prep the truck.
2. Mask truck to seal off areas you don’t want Vortexed™.
3. Apply the Vortex™ liner material with the Vortex™ spray system.
4. Remove masking and put tailgate back together.

The end result is the best portable sprayed on bed liner in the world, which is Tough, High Impact absorbing and can be guaranteed for the life of the truck.